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I'm designing a spinner list control, which displays 3 items at a time.

Its working fine as required behaviour the only issue am facing is I need the central element appearance little bigger.

The approach which I can think as of now is to have an if condition in the delegate, which on the basis of current index increases the font size.

Is the above approach is possible? Any suggestions to achieve the particular behaviour

Below is the code snippet

   SpinnerData {
              id: spinner
              focus: true
              model: 20
              delegate: Text { font.pixelSize: spinner.height/4.5; text: index; height: spinner.height }
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Not sure what is SpinnerData element, but does it has something like currentIndex property? Have you tried something like font.pixelSize: index === spinner.currentIndex ? 100 : spinner.height/4.5; ? –  hate-engine Nov 23 '12 at 12:30
Assuming SpinnerData is a ListView, the ListView.isCurrentItem attached property is probably what you're looking for. –  MartinJ Nov 24 '12 at 0:58

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I don't know the details of your component but here you can see implementation of the same control in Qt Quick Components.

enter image description here

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