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I tried it this:

$('.element').animate({marginLeft: '-=1'}, 1).animate({marginTop: '+=1'}, 1).animate({marginLeft: '+=1'}, 500);

The idea of this is that I am IN REALITY animating slides with the top margin, but I wan't the user to SEE that it is animating from left to right. I can't just normally slide from left to right in my situation, otherwise it would be easy.

The code above didn't get me the result I wanted, it just lagged for a while and appeared really quickly.

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might > [this link will help you check answer of this question ](stackoverflow.com/questions/8976754/…) this is because of true false property –  Gyan Chandra Srivastava Nov 23 '12 at 12:32

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I've found several different ways of achieving this type of procedural animation. One effective way is to start an animation in the callback 'finished' function as Dio's has stated. But A more effective way is to use queues. The default queue is 'fx' but you can make custom queues. I used this to help me with queues.

But if you don't like queue and want to be repetitive I made something similar using a setInterval function.

See my beta example here. (still not published). See below for code example for you example:

        var timer = setInterval(function(){
    var position $('.element').pos();
    var direcLeft = '-=';
    var direcRight = '+=';
    if(position.left => 499){
        var move = direcLeft + '500';
    else {
        var move = direcRight + '500';  
    $('.element').animate({marginLeft : move},500)

I haven't tested this code but it should move right to left and repeat as the distance, interval and animation interval have the same variable.

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