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How can fortran program be compiled in windows terminal with initial data file? This is what I'm trying:

f2exe name_of_file < initial_data_file

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It's 30 years or so that I did something with fortran. I found a f2exe.bat file written by H. Roumani. This batch file calls the real compiler by passing it additional arguments. The relevant line is

g77 -ffree-form %1.for -o%1.exe ..\mine*.o %LIBRARY_PATH%....\SLATEC\lib\libSLATEC.a

It accepts only one parameter (%1), the source file without the extension ".for". The extension ".for" is added automatically. The name of the output file is also created automatically by adding ".exe" to the parameter. Therfore call f2exe like this

 f2exe name_of_file

(do not include the extension!)

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