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I'm using the marionette Layout .show to render a CollectionView and was wondering if there is a way of detecting when all the ItemView children have finished rendering?

A simplified version of my code is:


Layouts.Group = Backbone.Marionette.Layout.extend({

    template: Templates.group,


    regions: {
        header: ".group-header"
        details: ".group-details"




Views.GroupDetail = Backbone.Marionette.CollectionView.extend({

    itemView: groupDetailRow,


    onRender: function () {

        // do something here after rendering *all* groupDetailRows of information for group detail section




Views.GroupDetailRow = Backbone.Marionette.ItemView.extend({

    onRender: function () {

        // single groupDetailRow of information




var details = new Views.GroupDetail();

details.show(new DV.Time.Views.GroupDetail());

I noticed in the docs that there is mention of a .done function:

new MyCollectionView().render().done(function(){
  // all of the children are now rendered. do stuff here.

Is it possible to use this with the Layout?

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You can listen to a "render" event, or provide an "onRender" callback function on the view.

MyView = Marionette.CollectionView.extend({

  onRender: function(){
    // the list of items has been rendered. do stuff here


var view = new MyView();

view.on("render", function(){
  // the list of items has been rendered. do stuff here


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Thanks! If the CollectionView is requesting data via AJAX, would the Layout's onRender function wait until this has been returned before running? – jlund Nov 27 '12 at 11:25
no - onRender gets called after the "render" function is done. the render function really doesn't care if there are any items in the view, in terms of when it fires that method/event. you would need to listen to the collection's "reset" event to know when it's done fetching. – Derick Bailey Nov 27 '12 at 21:28
Neither solutions (onRender and reset) worked in my case. - I had to listen to the collection sync event instead. (Weirdly enough) it's apparently safe to assume that all items of the CollectionView are fully rendered when that event is triggered. – Marco Lazzeri May 29 '14 at 20:57
Thanks @MarcoLazzeri. onRender should consider async tasks. – asumaran Sep 1 '14 at 7:32

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