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(at start sorry for my English)! I have a jquery hover problem. I have a Navigation and if the mouse hover some element (player and login button) jquery show() the corresponding div. that work fine but when I hover the corresponding div the div hide but should stay.

Navigatin elements:

<li class="hover" title="login"><img src="images/nav-log.png" alt="player" border="0" /></li>       
<li class="hover" title="player"><img src="images/nav-ply.png" alt="player" border="0" /></li>


var playerstat = 0;
$(".hover").mouseover(function() {

    link = $(this);
    layer = $("#" + link.attr("title") + "_content");   
    position = link.position();
    if(link.attr("title") == "player" && playerstat == 0){
        link.click(function() {



        top : ($("html, body").scrollTop() + position.top + $(this).height() + 3) + 'px',
        left : (position.left - layer.outerWidth() + link.width()) + 'px'


    layer.mouseover(function() {
    $("#" + $(this).attr("title") + "_content").hide();


the player:

  <div id="player_content" class="theme-gradient theme-shadow">
      <span id="track-info" class="theme-fontbggrey"></span> 
  <span id="player-layer"></span></div>

I hope somebody understand me... thanks for helping me

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May be this could help you, You can do this

$("#" + $(this).attr("title") + "_content").bind('mouseenter mouseleave', function() {
, $(this).show() 
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Write your "player_content" div into <li class="hover" ...></li> tags

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like layer = $("#player_content"); ? – fteinz Nov 23 '12 at 13:08
dont work for me – fteinz Nov 23 '12 at 13:14

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