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I'm trying to open a shelve file that I created in 2.5, but I get the error I listed in the question title.

The data aren't essential, but I really want them.

Looking at the lib\dbm\__init__.py file it recognizes 4 types of dbm modules but only finds dbm.dumb on my system.

Does anyone know how I can open this?
Is there a bsd.py file like the dumb.py file?
Would I have to install 2.5 to get at it?

Also, I may have had Panda installed on my old installation when I created this file.
Is the Python installation that comes with Panda standard or might this file have come with it?


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bsddb is part of Python 2.5 (AND 2.4 AND 2.6...) but not of 3.0 -- it was removed (long story...:-). Get it for 3.0 from pypi, recover your data into some other form (sqlite is my personal recommendation), and live happily ever after!-)

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