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what template engine is recommended for NodeJS when using jQueryMobile Multi-Page template?

I need logic in every view such as include_once('html-header') because I never know is current page is first on rendering list (aka does it match session-privilege criteria).

I've tried Jade but it seems to be completely impropriety solution for such problems. But maybe my design is wrong?

Probably something simmilar to PHP with <? and <?= will be best to fit my project needs.

Edit: I'm using nodejs as a HTTP server.

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Are you serving the html from the jqueryMobile app or from the Node.JS server? –  limelights Nov 23 '12 at 13:07

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You can use emberjs and detect the states and you can append and delete views as you need them to the outlet, Ember uses handlebars template engine to render html


Also check outlets in this page

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