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I'm trying to include Makefile in my git repo, but I get this message:

$ git add Makefile
The following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files:
Use -f if you really want to add them.
fatal: no files added

In my repo .gitignore file I have:


In my ~/.gitignore_global


# Python

# Latex


# Mac

My .gitignore_global is in git config:

$ git config -l

My repo is not inside another repo. Why is Git ignoring my Makefile?

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What about the file .git/info/exclude? – dusan Nov 23 '12 at 13:30
Thanks, @dusan. There was a line in this file with Makefile. I removed it. Could you reply my question? – Marcos da Silva Sampaio Nov 23 '12 at 13:36
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Quoting gitignore manual (emphasis mine):

Each line in a gitignore file specifies a pattern. When deciding whether to ignore a path, git normally checks gitignore patterns from multiple sources, with the following order of precedence, from highest to lowest (within one level of precedence, the last matching pattern decides the outcome):


  • Patterns read from $GIT_DIR/info/exclude.

So you have to check the contents of .git/info/exclude.

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