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I got two DIV container each of it contains a puzzle (realization with jquery draggables).

I also got one object which looks like:

var puzzle var puzzle = {
    option1 = [],
    init:function(container) { .... }

To start the puzzle for one DIV i use:

// left puzzle div
var puzzleLeft = puzzle;

// right puzzle div
var puzzleRight = puzzle;

But for the left one its not working. Everything I'm going to do left, happens in the right one :/ When I uncomment the start code for the right one, it will work for the left :) Seems to be the right one start code is wrong? Is this a wrong way to create 2 instances of the puzzle?

Thanks Matt

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You can create class' constructor instead of object:

function Puzzle(){
   var self = this;

   self.option1 = [];
   self.init = function(container) { .... };

And create two instances of it:

// left puzzle div
var puzzleLeft = new Puzzle();

// right puzzle div
var puzzleRight = new Puzzle();
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thank you so much! – frgtv10 Nov 23 '12 at 14:10
It should work if management function is in the same namespace. – Artem Vyshniakov Nov 23 '12 at 14:30

Prototypal Inheritance

Your title says "create 2 instances from 1 object". That has prototypal inheritance written all over it.

You can use Object.create to create an object which inherits from another object.

// left puzzle div
var puzzleLeft = Object.create(puzzle);

// right puzzle div
var puzzleRight = Object.create(puzzle);

However, any properties which reference an object will need to be set up inside your init function. Something like this:

var puzzle = {

    // Let it be null for now
    option1: null,

    init: function(container) {
        // Set it to empty array inside init
        this.option1 = [ ];


This will ensure that puzzleLeft and puzzleRight are working with different arrays.


If you're using a library like jQuery, another option is to simply clone the object.

// left puzzle div
var puzzleLeft = $.extend({ }, puzzle);

// right puzzle div
var puzzleRight = $extend({ }, puzzle);

Using $.extend({ }, someObject) will make a copy of someObject.

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Actually the puzzleLeft and puzzleRight are the same objects as puzzle.

You can create Puzzle as

function puzzle(){

and use

new Puzzle()

or use clone function of jquery to create a copy of the object with a different reference

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Do you have an example for the JQUERY clone of a object? I only found it for elements. Thx – frgtv10 Nov 23 '12 at 13:54

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