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How can you escape underscores only in the tabular environment without the use of \_?

This thread discusses about underscore in general. I cannot use the environment verbatim nor the package underscore.

Sample data

\begin{tabular}{| l | l | p{5cm} |} 
delete_a_question.php&poistaa kysymyksen&setterit \\ \hline 
edit_question.php&muokkaa kysymyst\"{a}&getterit, HTML koodin generointia \\ \hline 
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Thank you for your answer! –  Masi Aug 30 '09 at 4:24

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    test_444 & 555 & 4_4\\\hline

And now for some normal maths: $a_i=3$.

Here, I change the category code of the underscore character so that it is active (this means that I can give the underscore a macro definition). I define the underscore character to output an actual underscore character.

The \bgroup and \egroup limit the effects of redefining the underscore character.

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Rather than hacking with catcodes manually, the underscore package does it for you so that _ works in text as a printed underscore, while still behaving as a subscript modifier in maths mode. Just load the package.

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