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I'm trying to work out if I can condense a number of regex's into a single one, but can't quite get there.

I'm trying to look for a matched pair of characters, which could be one from a range.


1 text 1     <--- This is a match
1 text 2     <--- This is not a match
2 text 1     <--- This is a match

The list of options is finite, so I know I could just test each case separately, eg:


However, I was trying to use grouping to do this in one query. Something along the lines of:


But this (incorrectly) matches:

1 text 2     <--- This is not a match

Is there a way I can ensure that the second bracketed list match is the same as the match in the first bracket? ie If the first matches the 1 then the second must also be 1?

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You need to use groups and then refer to that group


\1 refers to the first captured group i.e ([1-8])

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You want to use back reference


That way the front and back characters would have to match for the whole thing to be considered a match.

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