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im trying to make loging to web page using ajax. I have this:

       type: "POST",
       url: "ajax/login.php",
       data: dataString,               
       success: function(answer) {

It works fine, BUT: In answer variable is something like this:

    Hi user, <span id="logout_button">Logout</span>

I can see button "Logout", but my browser dont know here is any span id="logout_button". I have code for logout binded with #logout_button but it dosnt work, because my browser knows nothing about this button. When I refresh page, logout works fine.

So, is there any way/function how to say to jQuery "hi buddy, please check for the new elements on document"?

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please define "works fine" and "doesnot work" – doniyor Nov 23 '12 at 13:57
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Yes, you can use .delegate() instead of .bind()

$('body').delegate('#logout_button', 'click', function() {
    //here the code
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For jquery 1.7+ it's better to use "on"

$("body").on("click", "#logout_button", function() {
    //here the code
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