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I'm looking for some open source, free to change and use project written on Pyton+Django with following features:

  • Blog (for site, not for users)
  • Users Registration
  • User Profiles
  • Adding friends, watching what friends added
  • Award system for active users (carma, rating)
  • Content rating
  • Comments
  • Probably different users levels (for automatic moderation)

Basically all features of modern social network :) Just want to find some foundation to build site on top of it.

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Django has authentication and commenting built in, but most of the rest is covered by Pinax.

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There is an application that covers all of your requirements: vikuit.

django, python, social network, profiles, rating, registration....

It's open source, so you can adapt or improve. I used their forums and SSO as a base for another app.

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