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I successfully uploaded a new version of my extension to the chrome app store, and I'm suddenly getting Manifest file is invalid errors when I try to install it.

Here is the source code (specifically, I tried to upload this package).

How do I fix it? The one thing I tried to change is make the extensino's icon disappear, according to this answer. I tried several things like not using a browser_action or using a page_action instead ... but I keep getting an error when I try to install the extension through the app store (no error on upload though!)

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Closing as too localised because there's not a real problem or answer here. – Rob W Nov 23 '12 at 15:14
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I get this problem when I publish too many times in short succession. I believe your browser is caching the downloaded package (i.e. using a previously downloaded version) but then verifying the package against the new published packaged metadata.

It should correct itself after 10 minutes or so.

This is a very annoying problem for me, too.

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This seems to have taken care of itself after a few minutes. Odd.

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