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I have an Employee model in my application. An Employee belongs to a company, and a Company has many employees. Now i have two controllers for the employees; a normal employees_controller and a namespaced controller for the companies to manage employees under /company/employees_controller. This is because employees should be able to edit their accounts, but so should companies. The information they are able to edit is fairly different though, and so a company would edit an employee thru the company/employees_controller and an employee would edit their profile thru the employees_controller. Is there a way to specfy a controller in CanCan? In my abilities for companies i have can :manage, Employee, :company_id => user.id if user.status? :confirmed. But i only wan't a company to be able to manage an Employee thru the namespaced controller at company/employee_controller.

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Should probably have done some better research before asking: https://github.com/ryanb/cancan/wiki/Authorization-for-Namespaced-Controllers

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