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I have a powershell script that I am working on to edit some text files. So far I have managed to extract all the lines I want to edit using select string, then with some help from an earlier post I have managed to remove all of the information on each line that I don't need. What I want to do next is go through each line and remove any entries that do not match a particular string. So for example, the text file may contain the following entries:

"" "" "" "" ""
"" "" "" "" ""

I want to strip out anything that isn't either "" OR "" OR "" OR ""

  • All the entries are within double quotes
  • The entries that need to be removed may be located anywhere on the line.
  • The entries that need tobe removed differ on each line
  • The entries that need to stay are fixed

Essentially, what I want to do is remove anything that does not match 1 of 6 possible fixed values and leave all other values unaffected.

Thus far I've tried using get-content with -replace option, various forms of select-string, regex etc but so far no luck. This is a little bit beyond my Powershell knowledge


I think the original way I was trying wasn't the right way of going about it and perhaps I didnt phrase the question correctly. I now have all the entries in a csv file, the output of which is similar to the below:

1  : Dhcp
2  : Server
3  :
4  : Scope
5  :
6  : set
7  : optionvalue
8  : 6
10 :    
11 :
12 :
13 :
14 :
15 : 
16 :
17 : 
18 : 
19 : 
20 : 

What I would like to do is go through the csv file, check the value of columns 10-16 for each entry, and delete any entries that do not match a predefined list.

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$a -replace  '\s*""\s*|\s*""\s*|\s*""\s*|\s*""\s*'
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Hi Christian, thanks for the response, your solution is almost what I need...Using that code, I am able to remove all traces of , etc, but what I want to do is remove anything that is NOT , etc – Stereostar Nov 26 '12 at 10:09

You could compare each string to an array of acceptable values and perform whatever action accordingly.

$array = "","",""

if ($array -notcontains $data ) { $data -replace ".","" }

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the closing parenthesis of the condition is incorrect. And -replace "*", "" will never works – CB. Nov 23 '12 at 17:07
Thanks, corrected. – Rex Hardin Nov 23 '12 at 17:33

Just create a new array from all the matching lines, then set the file content to that new array.

You can change it to -notmatch if you wanted to create an array of everything that does not match.

$pattern = "1\.1\.1\.1|2\.2\.2\.2|3\.3\.3\.3|4\.4\.4\.4"
$file_path = "C:\text.csv"
$text_file = get-content $file_path
foreach ($line in $text_file) {
    if ($line -match $pattern) {
        $line += @($new_lines)
$new_lines | set-content $file_path
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