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I have the following jsfildde.

I got the following probelms:

  1. ie6 & ie7: the animation is bouncing for some reason, and there's UNEEDED/UNWANTED margin between #awards to the upper elements. (compare the differences between other browser, for instance: chrome).

  2. ie8: the marginTop animation is not working, I tested it for a while and figured that the background changing cause the problem (look at the comment in the jsfiddle, at the JavaScript area).

I will appriciate your help.

EDIT: I found similar problem to mine in other website which will help to explain my problem better. - nothing of the solutions worked.

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Based on the other website I found, I figured that the margin collapses and in order to fix the problem in ie8 used padding instead.

to fix the problem in ie6-7, I used micro-clearfix:

.clear:before, .clear:after{content:"";display:table;}

and placed it correctly.

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