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I am trying to run some code on objects that are loaded from RavenDB, and I need to do it just after the object has been loaded with its property values.

I've tried intercepting the deserialization process using a CustomCreationConverter and overriding ReadJson, but the object I can access at that point has all the properties set, except the one I need : the Id. Is there somewhere else I can slot into the pipeline in order to do this?

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The reason you don't see the Id is because it's not part of the document, it's in the metadata as @id.

If you want to intercept client side, you can register a custom Conversion Listener. Create a class that implements IDocumentConversionListener and register it with documentStore.RegisterListener(). In the DocumentToEntity method, you can run your custom logic. The documentation is lacking on Listeners in general, but there is another topic that also uses them: http://ravendb.net/kb/16/using-optimistic-concurrency-in-real-world-scenarios

The other option would be to add a bundle that intercepts on the server side. For that, you would use a Read Trigger.

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