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I am using Mysql database and there are some inputs fields on my page and depending on users input i need to search my database for the corresponding records.

Records Format:

KioskId Location TransactionId UserName 1 Nashik 1001 Sumit 2 Pune 1002 Ankita

For above record i declared one class

public class ResultVO{
private Long kioskId;
private Long transactionId;
private String location;
private Long userName;


My implementation

In managed bean

public class AbacusMB{
private List<ResultVO>recordVOList;
public void searchRecord(){
//Mysql query

Which will give me result set

ResultVO record=new ResultVO();

//in this way i will set all the properties of this vo
and add this object to list which is used to display records in dataTable



<p:dataTable value=#{abacusMB.recordVOList} var=record>
<p:column headerText="Kiosk Location">
<h:outputText value=record.location>
<p:column headerText="Transaction Id">
<h:outputText value=record.transactionId>

But on screen rows are getting added depending on number of records but valus don't get displayed?????????????????

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What do you mean by values don't get displayed? You should do an effort on writing your questions, it's very hard to read your code it's highly bugged as shown here. The search.xhtml is 100% garbage! – Alexandre Jacob Apr 4 '13 at 19:21

You forgot to use the EL notation for each record.

 <h:outputText value="#{record.location}"/>

<h:outputText value="#{record.transactionId}"/>

Also, make sure to close all of your tags.

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