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My problem is with UCM ClearCase. I made a mistake a few days back in which, apparently, I have overwritten the result of a merge (from a stream rebase) of quite a few files with an old version.

I would like to get a snapshot of my stream before I made this mistake so that I can manually merge my changes back in (I have a snapshot of it as well). Then, I'll put the result in ClearCase as a new version, and everything would be back to normal.

So, how can I get a snapshot of a specific date ?

If that can help, at that date, I made a baseline.

I absolutely need something automatic because there are several hundreds of files that were changed, and I can't manually check them all.

Thank you

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You can use a dynamic view, non-UCM, with a time - based selection rule in order to see your files at this date.

See Get all versions from a specific time - ClearCase UCM

Then you can clearfsimport those files back into your snapshot view, in order to effectively revert your changes.

See How to add all the files in a folder to source control via cleartool command?

Note: if you did a baseline (incremental or full, it doesn't matter) which represents the files you want to see, you could simply:

  • make a sub-stream under the stream where you made said baseline
  • rebase it on that new sub-stream
  • clearfsimport from the view on the substream to your snapshot view.
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