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I am trying to Deserialize Json format data code which I have written

 string strJSONData = "[{ \"StatusValue\": \"Test1\", \"StatusValue1\": \"Test2\", \"StatusValue2\": \"Test3\", \"StatusValue3\": \"Test4\", \"test\": \"hibaby\"  }, { \"StatusValue\": \"aTest1\", \"StatusValue1\": \"bTest2\", \"StatusValue2\": \"cTest3\", \"StatusValue3\": \"dTest4\",\"test\": \"hibaby u\" }]";

        JavaScriptSerializer objJavaScriptSerializer = new JavaScriptSerializer();

        List<StatusValueTest> objStatus = objJavaScriptSerializer.Deserialize<List<StatusValueTest>>(strJSONData);

        foreach (StatusValueTest val in objStatus)
            Label1.Text += val.StatusValue;

And two class:

public class StatusValueTest

public string StatusValue { get; set; }

public string StatusValue1 { get; set; }

public string StatusValue2 { get; set; }

public string StatusValue3 { get; set; }

public List<StatusList> ram { get; set; }

public StatusValueTest()
    ram = new List<StatusList>();



public class StatusList
    public string test { get; set; }

    public StatusList()


jSON data : "[{ \"StatusValue\": \"Test1\", \"StatusValue1\": \"Test2\", \"StatusValue2\": \"Test3\", \"StatusValue3\": \"Test4\", \"test\": \"hibaby\" }, { \"StatusValue\": \"aTest1\", \"StatusValue1\": \"bTest2\", \"StatusValue2\": \"cTest3\", \"StatusValue3\": \"dTest4\",\"test\": \"hibaby u\" }]";

In StatusValue, StatusValue1, StatusValue2, StatusValue3 is coming but value is not coming in test.I am not able to figure out why this happening ..Please help me out here

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here is a Stackoverflow posting that may help you… – MethodMan Nov 23 '12 at 16:47
Is this JSON being recieved – El Ronnoco Nov 23 '12 at 17:08
@ElRonnoco no actually it is hard coded value – Nishant Nov 23 '12 at 17:15

Do you have the ability to modify your JSON data? It should look more like this:

[{ \"StatusValue\": \"Test1\", 
\"StatusValue1\": \"Test2\", 
\"StatusValue2\": \"Test3\", 
\"StatusValue3\": \"Test4\", 
\"ram\": {\"test"\", hibaby\"} 
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If I got everything right your json look probably should like the following

"StatusValue": "Test1", 
"StatusValue1": "Test2", 
"StatusValue2": "Test3", 
"StatusValue3": "Test4", 
"ram ": 
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