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I'm trying to launch an external instance of Chrome from a c# Windows form. It works fine as long as there are no spaces in the path of the local html file. If there are though Chrome stops at the first space. e.g. : "file:///C:/Users/user/Documents/Visual" I tried to fix this by replacing spaces in the string with "%20" like Chrome usually does. Now I get this garbled address: "file:///C:/Users/user/Documents/Visual%2520Studio%2520%2012/TEMP.html"

Here's a snippet of my code:

string chromeTempFilePath = tempFilePath.Replace(" ", "%20");

Process.Start(browserPaths[2], chromeTempFilePath);//launch Chrome  

Process.Start works fine for both Firefox and IE 9 with the spaces in the path. Any help would be much appreciated as I'm more or less stumped!

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%2520% indicates double spaces –  DJ KRAZE Nov 23 '12 at 17:11
Why is Chrome adding a space then? –  gaynorvader Nov 23 '12 at 17:14

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Remove the string.Replace method and change your Process.Start to look like this:

Process.Start(browserPaths[2], string.Format("\"{0}\"", chromeTempFilePath));

You just need to wrap it all in double quotes. This worked for me with Chrome, but I didn't check other browsers.

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That works thanks! I should really have thought of it myself, odd that it works for firefox and IE but not Chrome though. (I'll select this as an answer in 3 minutes :) ) –  gaynorvader Nov 23 '12 at 17:20

You should use:

   string escapedTempFileUri = Uri.EscapeUriString(chromeTempFilePath);
   Process.Start(browserPaths[2], escapedTempFileUri);

to escape any "special" characters. This will create proper Uri and not only escaping spaces.

Here is MSDN: EscapeUriString

On side note. If you want to start it in default browser you can just use process start with url without path to browser. Windows will handle this and open page in default browser.

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