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I'm trying to load smoothdivscroll dynamically (so I can have many galleries on my site).

Static html works fine. As soon as I try to enable the plugin for dynamically loaded content, it does not work.

It seems to be a timing thing. Ive noticed that if the initialization of smoothdivscroll, ie.


is not done as part of the page load then it does not work.

Have a look at this example I created: http://jsfiddle.net/2Hr4U/119/

When you set the load_delayed variable to true then the initialization is called after the page has loaded and smoothdivscroll breaks.

What am I doing wrong or is this a limitation of the plugin?

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It seems to be the limitation of the plugin. I am facing the same problem. The plugin uses window.load(), which is not invoked other than on page load.

check the fiddle here

You need to manually invoke the




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