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Is it possible to specify the DbSet of a LINQ to Entities query at run time?

For example if I have a number of different DbSets that have a common property such as "IsExpired" could I pass the DbSet into the query?


Dim query = From o In db.Products Where o.IsExpired = True

Would look something like,

Dim myDynamicName As String
myDynamicName = "Products"

Dim query = From o In db("myDynamicName") Where o.IsExpired = True
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The reason why this is not possible becomes more clear when using fluent syntax:

Dim query = db("myDynamicName").Where(Function(o) o.IsExpired)

The function is a

Function Func(Of In T, Out bool)

and the type of T is infered from the IQueryable Of T that precedes it. (This is possible because Where is an extension method, so the IQueryable is its first input parameter). Thus, the compiler knows that o.IsExpired is a valid expression.

That means that db("myDynamicName") must either be specifically typed, which it isn't, or you must supply the type to the Where method. But that's exactly the thing you're trying to circumvent.

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Nice explanation, thanks! – Newm Nov 26 '12 at 13:54

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