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Im using Jackson to convert a POJO into a JSON to store in the DB. However I have a getter that I want to ignore. I have see a lot of info relating to @JsonIgnoreProperties but I can't seem to make any progress with it. I basically want the equivalent of @Transient.

Basic usecase (I want to ignore the InternationalNumber):

public class PhoneNumber {

private String country;
private String number;

public PhoneNumber() {}

public String getCountry() {
    return country;

public String getLocalNumber() {
    return localNumber;

public String getInternationalNumber() {
    String result = "Not Available";
    if (country != null && localNumber != null) {
    result = new PhoneNumberHandler().internationalFormat(
            localNumber, WorldCountries.countryToIso2Code(country));
    return result;

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That would be @JsonIgnore on getter method.

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