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Today I stumbled on createDocumentFragment. I was wondering if the DocumementFragment is supported, and how, on the different browsers, expecially IE series.

Anyone knows anything about this subject?

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1… See NickFitz's comment. Fragment are treated by IE as documents. – Olivvv Dec 8 '09 at 14:35

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Yep, it's fully supported in all modern browsers (including IE6).


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Even though documentFragment is supported by all browsers, the DOM traversal methods like getElementsByTagName, children, etc. do not work on them. – Livingston Samuel Feb 11 '10 at 18:11

In general it has always worked fine as per the DOM spec.

But don't expect non-standard extensions to work seamlessly... for example you can't set innerHTML on a DocumentFragment (which is a shame as it could have greatly improved insertion speed on some large pages).

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but you can create a holder div with document.createElement and add the string as innerHTML to the div, and then finally append the div to the documentFragment – Livingston Samuel Feb 11 '10 at 18:13
Yes, but that gives no performance advantage over just operating directly on the div. The idea would be to speed up operations like adding many rows to a table, that are typically slow with node-by-node DOM methods. You can do a lot of this by combining fragments with Range objects, except that browser implementations of DOM Level 2 TR (especially IE's) aren't completely there yet. – bobince Feb 11 '10 at 18:40
         ║ document.createDocumentFragment ║
║ IE5    ║ true                            ║
║ IEM5.2 ║ true                            ║
║ IE5.5  ║ false                           ║
║ IE6+   ║ true                            ║
║ OPM6+  ║ true                            ║
║ OP7+   ║ true                            ║
║ N6+    ║ true                            ║
║ KQ     ║ true                            ║

Beware though, existence doesn't always entails implementation.


  • IE Mac 5.2 on Mac cannot add text nodes to document fragments, nor append the fragment's contents to a document.
  • Opera 7.2 creates the fragment but does not apply styles to the created elements.
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