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Bit of a strange question, but here goes.

I'm a relative beginner to rails, and I've just started working on my second app locally. However, after each install I'm getting the following problem - that several gemfiles are missing (railties being the most obvious).

So, I deleted the install, re-ran it and listed the gemfiles - they are all there. However, after initializing a git repo and pushing the project up to my GitHub a gem list command shows that a number of gems are now missing - at this point I can't run any rake commands or for example rails server.

So I cleared the repo and re-installed. gem list says the gems are all present, server and rake commands work; but push the repo and it subsequently packs up - gem list shows only a handful of gems remain.

Bearing in mind my experience, I'm prepared to believe I'm missing something very obvious, but any advice would be appreciated.

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What version(s) of Rails are the two apps? – Brad Werth Nov 23 '12 at 19:27
They are both 3.2.1 - but I worked out the problem. At some point between the two apps I had downloaded a version of Ruby 1.9.2 to have a play with but not specified with rvm for the new rails app to use 1.9.3. It seems that is why dependencies were missing. – Alex Lynham Nov 25 '12 at 10:38

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welcome ;-)

I suppose you want to create a Rails 3 application. So first make sure you have installed bundler.

gem install bundler

The steps for creating the application are:

rails new your_app

Then run bundler in the applications folder:

cd your_app
bundler install

Now you should be able to run the application:

rails s

Go and visit localhost:3000. If that does not work, you have other problems. Paste the stack trace then ...

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My rails install says it has already installed bundler. I'm following my notes from the last app I created, and it's definitely after the git push that the rails commands stop working... – Alex Lynham Nov 23 '12 at 20:30
I don't understand. git push has nothing to do with your application at all. I see no reason why this should influence the proper working of your app. Honestly I do not have an idea how I could help here ... sorry – awenkhh Nov 23 '12 at 21:01
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The problem was I forgot that I had two versions of Ruby installed and I had not properly set a default with rvm for some reason. Specifying the default then checking the gems were present for that version of Ruby fixed it.

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