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im having trouble getting information i want with fql. i want to get the name and uid of all the people rsvped "attending" to a specific event sorted by name. i know how to get all uid of the users attending to an event using the following query:

SELECT uid FROM event_member WHERE eid = ... AND rsvp_status = 'attending'

unfortunately event_member table doesn't have the name of the uid and i know how to get the name and uid from event attenders using graph api, but the ther iss no way to get it sorted by name as far as i know.

your thoughts?

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found the answer, i forgot there was a table called "user". the solution is

SELECT uid, name FROM user WHERE uid IN
  SELECT uid FROM event_member WHERE eid = "EXISTING_EVENT_ID" and rsvp_status= "attending"
SORT BY name
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Try out FQL Query like

SELECT name, venue, location, start_time FROM event WHERE eid IN (
     SELECT eid FROM event_member WHERE uid = "USER_ID_HERE" and rsvp_status="attending"
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i need the names and uid of all the people coming to a certein event sorted by name, this seems to give me the information about all the events a spercific user attends – Yoav Schwartz Nov 23 '12 at 19:37

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