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I am facing a strange problem with p:autoComplete, i get following error

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "player"

My code is as below


<p:autoComplete id="schedChemAC" value="#{testMB.selectedPlayer}" completeMethod="#{testMB.completePlay}" process="@this" var="m" itemLabel="#{m.player}" itemValue="#{m}" converter="#{testConverter}">
     <p:ajax event="itemSelect" listener="#{testMB.onSelectFrstL}" process="@this"/>


public List<Player> getSelectedPlayer() {
    return selectedPlayer;

public void setSelectedPlayer(List<Player> selectedPlayer) {
    this.selectedPlayer = selectedPlayer;

public void getName() {
    playerName = playerSession.getAll();

public List<Player> completePlay(String query) {
    List<Player> suggestion = new ArrayList<Player>();
    if (playerName == null) {
    for (Player c : playerName) {
        if (c.getPlayer().toUpperCase().contains(query.toUpperCase())) {
    return suggestion;

public void onSelectFrstL(SelectEvent event) {



@Named(value = "testConverter")
public class TestConverter implements Converter {

PlayerSession playSession;
public static List<Player> playLst;

public Object getAsObject(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, String value) {

    if (playLst == null) {
        playLst = playSession.getAll();
    if (value.trim().equals("")) {
        return null;
    } else {
        try {
            int number = Integer.parseInt(value);

            for (Player c : playLst) {
                if (c.getPk() == number) {
                    return c;

        } catch (Exception ex) {

    return null;

public String getAsString(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, Object value) {

    if (value == null || value.equals("")) {
        return "";
    } else {
        return String.valueOf(((Player) value).getPk());


I am not able to find what is wrong in the above code, if i remove the var,itemValue,itemLabel,converter part then it works fine but once i put the var,itemValue,itemLabel,converter code (as given in prime showcase) i get the above error. Kindly guide me on what is that i am doing wrong or what is that i should check.

Note: My sample table has only two columns, pk(int) & player(string).

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I figured out the problem, its basically if i Pass a List to value(AutoComplete) then the Multiple="true" has be used. Whereas to just do one selection i need to pass only Player object to value(AutoComplete). Hope this helps somebody else who post without understanding how it works (like me).

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