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I'm currently making a link shortening service on my hosting package. I'm using URL rewrites to do this. An example of this working is here - dysign.co.uk/xBbYPL. This redirects you to Google.de. I'm using another domain mapped to a folder on my hosting package, so I have 2 sites on 1 hosting plan.

freeyoutubedownloaders.co.uk is mapped to dysign.co.uk/freeyoutubedownloaders. The link shortener is in the freeyoutubedownloaders folder therefore dysign.co.uk/freeyoutubedownloaders/xBbYPL works perfectly fine but if you go to freeyoutubedownloaders.co.uk/xBbYPL then you get a 404 file not found error.

Here's my rewrite rule in my web.config file:

        <rule name="Links">
            <match url="^X.{5,5}$" />
            <action type="Rewrite" url="Link.aspx?id={R:0}" />

I've also turned on detailed httpErrors if anyone wants to have a look for me.

Lastly I noticed on the error screen it says:

Requested URL   http://freeyoutubedownloaders.co.uk:80/freeyoutubedownloaders/xBbYPL

Why is it referring to the domain and then the folder? The Link.aspx page loads fine... (To test it, add ?id=xBbYPL to the end for it to redirect you.)

Ps. I'm not able to access IIS at all due to it being hosted on 123-reg.co.uk

Thanks again! :)

Error: enter image description here

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How is it possible that dysign.co.uk/xBbYPL is working if the shortening service is in the subdirectory /freeyoutubedownloaders? Is there possibly another rewrite rules doing that? In what folder is this web.config stored? –  Marco Miltenburg Nov 24 '12 at 16:18
There's 2 webconfigs, one in the root of dysign.co.uk and one in the subdirectory, both exactly the same. –  Thomas Owers Nov 24 '12 at 17:05

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I get the feeling that the domain name freeyoutubedownloaders.co.uk has been added as an additional binding to the same website as dysign.co.uk. And somehow (I don't know how 123reg is setting this up usually) request for freeyoutubedownloaders.co.uk/<something> get rewritten to /freeyoutubedownloaders/<something>. Or they have set up some kind of reverse proxy for it without you knowing it.

When I test this on IIS 7.5 by setting up one website for dysign.co.uk and a separate website for freeyoutubedownloaders.co.uk pointing to the /freeyoutubedownloaders directory in the root directory of where dysign.co.uk is pointing to, it all works as expected. So I don't think there is anything wrong with your thinking on how you want this to work but I think 123reg has done something unusual in the way it binds the domain names to your site(s).

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Darn, I was thinking this might of been the issue with the domain and hosting since dysign.co.uk/freeyoutubedownloaders/xBbYPL works fine. Might have to do it as a custom 404 page instead, and I may as well put a bounty on here in case anyone else has any more idea. Thanks. –  Thomas Owers Nov 25 '12 at 13:01
You have to find out how 123reg is setting up the multiple domain names and why the request URL shows up as http://freeyoutubedownloaders.co.uk:80/freeyoutubedownloaders/xBbYPL. Maybe contact their support department and let them explain that. –  Marco Miltenburg Nov 25 '12 at 22:12

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