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I would like to see a list of all the tables and columns that refer (either directly or indirectly) a specific column in the 'main' table via a foreign key constraint that has the ON DELETE=CASCADE setting missing.

The tricky part is that there would be an indirect relationships buried across up to 5 levels deep. (example: ... great-grandchild-> FK3 => grandchild => FK2 => child => FK1 => main table). We need to dig up the leaf tables-columns, not just the very 1st level. The 'good' part about this is that execution speed isn't of concern, it'll be run on a backup copy of the production db to fix any relational issues for the future.

I did SELECT * FROM sys.foreign_keys but that gives me the name of the constraint - not the names of the child-parent tables and the columns in the relationship (the juicy bits). Plus the previous designer used short, non-descriptive/random names for the FK constraints, unlike our practice below

The way we're adding constraints into SQL Server:

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[UserEmailPrefs]  
WITH CHECK ADD  CONSTRAINT [FK_UserEmailPrefs_UserMasterTable_UserId] FOREIGN KEY([UserId])
REFERENCES [dbo].[UserMasterTable] ([UserId])

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[UserEmailPrefs] CHECK CONSTRAINT [FK_UserEmailPrefs_UserMasterTable_UserId]

The comments in this SO question inpire this question.

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Did you look at sys.foreign_key_columns? Also note that you'll need to look up table names and column names in sys.tables and sys.columns - they're represented by their object_id/column_id values in most other places, not their names. –  Aaron Bertrand Nov 23 '12 at 20:45

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