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Almost every web application now allows you to setup a basic profile (Even Stack Exchange does). The question is how should you be storing the data in your database?

Should you just add more columns to your users database table, or should you setup another table called user_profiles that has a foreign key of user_id?

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What kind of database are you using? SQL or NoSQL? – Matthew Blancarte Nov 23 '12 at 20:23

This is quite subjective:

Separate table

  • easier to fetch user without profile
  • when some user doesn't have a profile (one-to-one optional relationship), you don't pay anything in terms of storage
  • sharing profile (?!?) - can't imagine such a scenario, but...

Single table

  • no JOINs required when loading
  • related information in one place
  • strong one-to-one (typically every user will have a profile, maybe created implicitly) relationships tend to be merged to single table
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