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I would like to test thor tasks with rspec, but when calling them from rspec I have two requirements:

  1. I would like to have Thor Class instance available
  2. I would like to call tasks with default options (as it will be called from command line)

I am not able to achieve both of these at the same time, consider following code:

require 'thor'
require 'thor/runner'
class App < Thor
  method_option :foo , :default => "foovalue"
  desc "xlist", "list"
  def xlist(search="")
    p options

app = App.new


App.start ARGV

Output is:

> ruby contrib/thor_test.rb xlist

In the first two examples, I can call task through instance but default options are not passed to method (which makes spec unrealistic)

In the third example, I get default options but I can't set expectations on class instance, neither I can stub any methods which makes it hard to test. That is happening because class instance is created on the fly.

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If you ask how you can test thor cli utility, I read through the thor specs as suggested in this SO answer. Examples here were particularly helpful and could be used directly.


require 'my_thor'

describe MyThor do
  it "should work" do
    args = ["command", "--force"]
    options = MyThor.start(args)
    expect(options).to eq({ "force" => true })


class MyThor < Thor
  desc "command", "do something"   
  method_option :force, :type => :boolean, :aliases => '-f'
  def command
    return options
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This doesn't address how to test the default options, since you're passing in '--force' explicitly –  woahdae Apr 23 '13 at 16:01

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