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My project involves a grid of text/number data that I'm currently storing in a MySQL database. The user can enter a new row of data at the bottom of the grid (e.g. a new entry into the database), or can delete rows. ...think of it as a very primitive browser-based Excel.

Right now I'm using PHP/MySQL and some javascript, but it's turning into a bit of a mess. (Minor features like adding a new column/entry to the grid are overly complex.) I also don't like having to use PHP forms ($_POST, etc) with irritating redirects and such.

Is there a better language or framework to use? I think the basic issue is that I want to rather seamlessly combine client-side and server-side coding.

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I am not sure how there would be a definite answer to this question. Lots of languages/frameworks out there can do this. Which server-side language do you prefer? –  jdi Nov 24 '12 at 0:35

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If you want to stick with php, a colleague of mine created this: OpenJS DataGrid

A few (of many) youtube tutorials:

  1. OpenJS Grid v2 - Awesome jQuery Data Table
  2. OpenJS Grid 1.4 (Adding and Deleting)
  3. OpenJS Grid - an Open Source JQuery Grid
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Try DataTables.net, it's a Web 2.0 framework for tabluar data. You can tell it to use Ajax and do the server side however you want, e.g. with PHP and MySQL. Examples here:

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