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Is it possible to use SQLite as a read-only database in a Flex project made to work in a SCORM-compatible Learning Management System?

It says at the SQLite site that their database is serverless. Does it mean that I am able to include it into a zip-package and import it into the Moodle after that?


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Yes, SQLite can work in readonly mode. It should work for you, however standard SQLite cannot access compressed (zipped) database - it must be present on disk in conventional, uncompressed format.

If you want your database to be compressed (and optionally encrypted) natively, you should consider using CEROD - commercial SQLite extension by SQLite author.

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I suppose that after I zip my project, the LMS unzips it, thus there shouldn't be any problem with compression. Anyway, it is worth a try! Thank you! –  Alex Smolov Nov 24 '12 at 17:10

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