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Stop ActiveRecord saving a serialized column even if not changed

I have a serialized column in an ActiveRecord. It doesn't track dirty state, as it saves data even if nothing has changed.

> p = Product.first
> p.save!
  UPDATE `products` SET `updated_at` = '...', `additional_data` = '--- \n' WHERE `products`.`id` = 2

Is there any way to prevent it from updating when there's no change?

I'm on Rails 3.2.9.

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Theres probably a better way of doing this,but here goes

You could use the before_save callback, and fail it if nothing has changed

in the model,

before_save :check_for_changes

def check_for_changes
  if !self.changed?
    return false

and the saving process will not occur.

However I don't see the point of this, of-course unless your doing some after save stuff, you can call that changed? method on individual attributes as well to make it even more precise.

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