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this may sound like a silly question but Im struggling with it. I am working on a quotes application therefore I want to have my quotes ordered from the database randomly each time the application is started.

I am using CursorLoader and a ViewPager. I am having some buttons (put-to-favourites-button) on the screen, which updates a column in database using content resolver which triggers update() in ContentProvider. Update then causes a requery in order to update the change made. All standard.

This of course causes to give me rows that are ordered differently because of the order by random() clause, and causes the screen to "disappear".

Any idea how to get around this? I really want to keep the random ordering functionality.

class MyContentProvider extends ContentProvider {
public Cursor query(Uri uri, String[] projection, String selection, String[] selectionArgs, String sortOrder) {
    Cursor cursor = db.query(TABLE_NAME, projection, selection, selectionArgs, null, null, sortOrder);
    cursor.setNotificationUri(resolver, uri);
    return cursor;

public int update(Uri uri, ContentValues values, String selection, String[] selectionArgs) {
    int count = db.update(TABLE_NAME, values, selection, selectionArgs);
    resolver.notifyChange(uri, null);
    return count;
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It is impossible to requery with the same order if you use random order in your query. Randomizing the result in your code should give you the possibility to re-randomize on demand. E.g. if you create list of mappings from cursor rows to your randomized order and you don't update the mapping. – zapl Nov 24 '12 at 1:44
sorry I didnt understand the second part. I am not doing much with the cursor itself, I am using CursorAdapter. – urSus Nov 24 '12 at 13:39

What I ended up doing, as zapl suggested, was to add a column. that would hold myOrder, which would be populated with random values in onCreate, and then just do a Select with order by myOrder

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you can use something like

Cursor c = db.rawQuery("select * from table ORDER BY RANDOM()");

SQLite docs

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