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I am using MonoDevelop for Android and would please like some help with creating a custom toast.

Here is my code:

    static public void DisplayCustomToast (Context displayContext, string stringText, int offsetX, int offsetY)
        Toast toast = new Toast(displayContext);
        toast.SetGravity (GravityFlags.Top, offsetX, offsetY);

This code is not working. It Builds successfully, yet the application doesn't start properly.

If I uncomment the 'toast.show', get the following error:

Only assignment, call, increment, decrement, await, and new object expressions can be used as a statement.

May I please have some help in getting this code working?


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The syntax toast.Show implies that Show is either a property or a field. That's why the call toast.Show is illegal.

However, I believe Show is a method. So you must invoke it this way:


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