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I need to convert an array of strings and integers into a conjoined string, while preserving the single quotes around the string values. For example, I need to turn this:

["abc", "xyz", 123, 456]

into this:


I tried variations on join and to_s, but that's not quite doing the trick. Any help is appreciated.

I got it working with a one-liner:

["abc", "xyz", 123, 456].to_s.gsub(/[\[\]\"]/,'[' =>'','"'=>'\'')
#=> "'abc', 'xyz', 123, 456"

but I'm still curious if there's a better way.

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When array has strings with numbers to_i converts to integer. If you want to retain it as string. I think you need to use this.

      arr=["123", "abc", 123]
      arr.collect{|e|( e.is_a? Integer)? e :"'#{e}'"}.join(',') #=> "'abc','123',1,3"
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This was the fastest of all the suggested versions. Thanks! –  MothOnMars Nov 24 '12 at 6:06

The following should work

array = ["abc", "xyz", 123, 456]
array.collect{|e| e.to_i == e ? e : "'#{e}'"}.join(",")


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Nice. I tested my gsub version vs. your collect version against a test set, and yours was about 4 times faster. Thanks for the tip! –  MothOnMars Nov 24 '12 at 3:45
You should not use e.to_i == e to determine whether it's a number. Use is_a? Integer is much better. Otherwise your code can't deal with the string such as "0". –  Ogrish Man Nov 24 '12 at 6:49

Use inspect, not to_s.

Usually, in string literal expression, double quotes are used rather than single quotes. And if you do not mind having double quotes instead of single quotes, then it is simple:

["abc", "xyz", 123, 456].map(&:inspect).join(",")
# => "\"abc\",\"xyz\",123,456"

but if you really want single quotes, then it is still not that difficult provided that you do not have double quotes in the original strings:

["abc", "xyz", 123, 456].map(&:inspect).join(",").tr('"', "'")
# => "'abc','xyz',123,456"
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