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I have a batch script in which I have set a variable- "cpu-count" and its default value is set to 1. But when I call the batch script, the cpu-count is passed as an argument and its value can vary from 1-n. For example, I have to invoke the file as ' myscript.bat cpucount-4 ' or ' myscript.bat cpucount-7 '. I have to get this value of '4' or '7' in my script. Does anyone know how to read this value from the argument passed to batch script?

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You have several options to do that.

Getting from character 10 to end of string:

set value=%1
set value=%value:~9%

Removing from begining of value until dash:

set value=%1
set value=%value:*-=%

Separating value in two parts at dash, get second part:

for /F "tokens=2 delims=-" %%a in ("%1") do set value=%%a

I hope it helps...

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