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I have a ContainerView which contains a CollectionView. After this CollectionView renders on the screen I need to perform a jquery function which essentially looks through the content of the rendered template and performs some display modifications.

If I perform that jquery within the didInsertElement of CollectionView it works but it gets executed for every single element in the CollectionView where as I really just need it to be done once at the end. How do I specify that? (note doesn't render on jsfiddle or some reason but just to show you structure)

App = Ember.Application.create();

App.FooContainerView = Ember.ContainerView.extend({
    childViews: ['elementList'],    

    elementList: Ember.CollectionView.extend({
        content: function() {
            return [
                { Title: "Dashboard", ID: "dashboard" },
                { Title: "Invoices", ID: "invoices" },
                { Title: "Expenses", ID: "expenses" },
                { Title: "People", ID: "people" },
                { Title: "Reports", ID: "reports" },
                { Title: "Settings", ID: "settings" }
       template: Ember.Handlebars.compile( '{{view.content.title}}' ),

       didInsertElement: function() {
             // perform jquery function            

   didInsertElement: function() {
         // does not work if perforemed here

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The functionality to do this has only very recently been added to the master branch, so you will need to be compile your own version of Ember.
You can now schedule into an afterRender queue to run after all the individual views have been rendered.

App.FooContainerView = Ember.ContainerView.extend({
  // Existing code
  didInsertElement: function() {'afterRender', this, function(){
      // perform jQuery function here;

See for code details.

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ah awesome thanks – user391986 Nov 24 '12 at 10:26
this is very useful, and most likely will fix a problem I have right now when using to execute code against dom elements. @Bradley, do you have any projections when this code will end up in ember-latest? – Aras Nov 24 '12 at 21:45
@Aras it's out now – Bradley Priest Nov 27 '12 at 3:18

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