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I have created an Octopress blog. My Blog page contains all my posts one by the other and I would like to change this.
I saw these pages: http://linuxmoz.com/, http://codingpraxis.com/ they contain a paragraph of each post and "Read On" button. I saw this specific template of such index page on other blogs.
How can I create this index page? In addition, is there any place where I can find "templates" for different pages (like about or contat me)?

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1. Just using <!-- more --> in your post, Octopress will auto generate the "Read On" button.
2. It needs 2 steps to add the “About” page in Octopress:
1.Create the “about” page

rake new_page["about"]

2.Add the link
edit the file “source/_includes/custom/navigation.html”, by edding the 3rd line below:

<ul class="main-navigation">
  <li><a href="/">Blog</a></li>
  <li><a href="/blog/archives">Archives</a></li>
  <li><a href="/about">About</a></li>

After “rake generate”, the “source/about/index.markdown” will generate “public/about/index.html”, that’s the file whose content will be displayed to the browser.
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You don't have to create additional index page. Inserting a comment into your post will prevent the post content below this mark from being displayed on the index page for the blog posts, a "Continue →" button links to the full post.

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