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I'm seeming to have run into an issue in creating s stock chart.

I have a simple data set in Access of 1 stock, with price data (double) and a each day listed as date/time.

So when I load the data source into C#, the data come into my chart smoothly. But instead of seeing all the data (from 1980-present), I just want to see the data shown on the graph to default to 1yr ago - present, and thereafter I want be able to change the range of data that's shown.

I put in to 2 date/time pickers, 1 for beginning, 1 for the end range.

but when I declare the dates picked- and set them to a variable name- then have the chart x axis min and max set to those respective values, I run into a 'type is not double' issue. Even though the chart axis is set to date/time...

Can anyone give me a hand?

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Can you post your code please? –  tmwoods Mar 2 '13 at 20:10

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