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I would like to apply a filter in the overlayImage. the only way to do it, is appling the filter in the whole canvas after render?

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There's no built-in support for this, but it's fairly easy to "hack".

var overlayImageUrl = '...';

// load overlay image first
fabric.Image.fromURL(overlayImageUrl, function(oImg) {

  // add and apply filter to overlay image 
  oImg.filters.push(new fabric.Image.filters.Grayscale());

  // set <img> element of fabric.Image instance 
  // and assign it directly to canvas' "overlayImage"
  canvas.overlayImage = oImg.getElement();

  // render canvas for overlayImage to appear
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Thanks! it does the trick! Much better than my solution (put a new object with the filter on the top of stack and with PixelPerfect Detection). Thanks again. –  Rinaldo Bueno Nov 25 '12 at 9:38

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