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I am using scrolledittext class in my application the class is working perfectly fine in OL swf runtime but not in DHTML runtime. I am not able to see an activated scrollbar when i am typing in the scrolledittext.

I am using the following code

<include href="incubator/scrolledittext.lzx" /> 
<include href="lz/vscrollbar.lzx"/>
<include href="incubator/newvscrollbar.lzx"/>
<include href="incubator/newvscrollbar_resources.lzx"/>

           <button name="text">
           <handler name="onclick">

  <scrolledittext name="sp" x="50" y="50" 

Am i missing something or is this a bug in DHTML runtime?

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Looks like a known bug, which has already been filed:

http://jira.openlaszlo.org/jira/browse/LPP-10260 or http://jira.openlaszlo.org/jira/browse/LPP-10217

http://jira.openlaszlo.org/jira/browse/LPP-10303, the JIRA issued you filed is probabably a duplicate of either LPP-10260 or LPP-10217.

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Yes i was searching in the wrong place then only i found that bug –  karthick Nov 25 '12 at 8:28

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