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i have a Stored Procedure , in proc Print certain result like

Print '-- Start Transection--'
Print 'Transection No = ' + @TransectionId     
Print 'Transection Success'
Print '-- End Transection--'

is it possible to Save printed result in a file while call it from UI. after that we have to mail that file to user also ask for download that file

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PRINT is for logging and debugging purposes and shouldn't be used to return anything to the caller.

Here's a suggestion: instead of PRINTing, write into a logging table and return a loggingID. Then, query this table from your app and write to a file.

Example: create two tables

    LoggingID int IDENTITY(1,1) PRIMARY KEY,
    Created datetime    

CREATE TABLE LoggingDetail
    LoggingDetailID int IDENTITY(1,1) PRIMARY KEY,
    LoggingID int FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES Logging,
    LoggingText varchar(500)

At the beginning of a transaction, create a new loggingID:


Instead of PRINTing the logging messsages, do something like

INSERT INTO LoggingDetail (LoggingID, LoggingText) VALUES (@loggingID,
'-- Start Transection--')

At the end of your sproc, return @loggingID to the caller. You can now get retrieve the log messages from the LoggingDetail table and write them to a file:

SELECT LoggingText FROM LoggingDetail WHERE LoggingID=<loggingID> ORDER BY LoggingDetailID

Might be a good idea to encapsulate the INSERTs in separate sprocs. Those sprocs then can write to the log tables and PRINT the log messages.

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