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I have a web application I've developed which uses ASP.NET WebParts. It is used by an organization of 1-n users, and the experience is configured for that group of users.

I'm adapting it for a cloud model, but I'm having trouble with Tenancy.

Specifically, because the WebParts of ASP have their configuration handled by ASP, I don't know if I can have a single page that shows a different WebPart experience for each organization.

It seems to me that my only solution is a single-instance model where each group that purchases a license gets a replication of the core web-app that they then customize.

Either that or I re-write the WebPart component to use a completely different model.

I'm a n00b with cloud and tenancy, any help would be appreciated.

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Any solution will largely depend on how the parts currently decide on what experience to show, can you elaborate on that? what does 'their configuration handled by ASP' mean? –  Yossi Dahan Nov 24 '12 at 16:43
@YossiDahan WebParts data are held in tables that are pre-populated by ASP (see asp_regsql). These tables are what are used to associate WebParts to WebPartZones, and also hold WebParts properties and personalization. –  Wesley Nov 26 '12 at 4:39

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