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What is the best way to accept a series of command line inputs in nodejs synchronously ?

like the program will print

Enter Value for variable one

then the user enters value, after that the command line should ask for second input like

Enter Value for variable two

and so on

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The easiest way to do this, IMHO is showing "questions" to the user and waiting to his answers. Those questions can be always the same (a prompt like ">>") or maybe different (if you want to ask for some variables, for instance).

To show these questions you can use stdio. It is a module that simplifies standard input/output management, and one of its main features is precisely what you want:

var stdio = require('stdio');
stdio.question('What is your name?', function (err, name) {
    stdio.question('Are you male or female?', ['male', 'female'], function (err, sex) {
        console.log('Your name is "%s". You are "%s"', name, sex);

If you run the previous code you'll se something like this:

What is your name?: John
Are you male or female? [male/female]: female
Your name is "john". You are "female"

stdio includes support for retries if you specify a group of possible answers. Otherwise users will be able to write whatever they want.

PD: I'm the stdio creator. :-)


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Depending on your specific needs, you could create your own REPL.


Just call repl.start() with options for prompt, and use your own custom eval and writer callbacks.

    prompt: 'Enter value: ',
    eval: function (cmd, context, filename, callback) {
         // Do something
        callback(/* return value goes here */); 
    writer: function (data) {
        // echo out data to the console here
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Hi @Brad , thanks for the reply i am using the following and was not able to print data var repl = require("repl"); repl.start({ prompt: 'Enter value: ', eval: function (cmd, context, filename, callback) { callback(/* return value goes here */); }, writer: function (data) { console.log('data is '+data); } }); but i am getting the data as undefined, also i was not able to understand what each option does in repl.start() is there a working demonstration for that somewhere ? – nik7 Nov 24 '12 at 8:28
@nlingutla, You need to call the callback with data if you expect to get data available at your writer function. If you accept input and no data is necessary, leave it undefined and change your writer function's output. Descriptions of all of the options are at nodejs.org/api/repl.html. Which options are you having trouble with? I do not believe there is example code out there. I figured it out just by messing with it. – Brad Nov 24 '12 at 8:37

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