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Cross-browser CSS

Is it possible to include different css classes for different browsers for cross browser compatibility? How?

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Thanks to Microsoft and Internet Explorer, the bigger problem for every front-end developper is definitely cross-browser compatibility. Even if Internet Explorer introduced conditional tags to include styles only for IE, it can be good to be able to deal with other browsers as well.

This code works with the JQuery framework, so of course make sure you have it installed on your website.

Paste the following code in the head part of your html document or in a separate .js file:


Now you can preprend your styles with .msie, .mozilla, .opera, .safari or .other depending on the targeted browser.


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I do not recommend this.

You could serve different CSS files based on the User-Agent string. You should probably only do this if you're really desperate (like you only support newer browsers, but you want to display something to older browsers to prompt them to switch).

This really depends on your webserver, but this is generally pretty easy.

It's generally better to slug it out and find a cross-browser solution. This generally happens when you're using experimental features or you're trying to be clever. Simplifying the CSS will generally yield better cross browser support, although there are times when older browsers just don't render something correctly.

If you need to support older browsers, simplify your design instead of trying to go the browser sniffing route.

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