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I would like to product php code within HTML with heXa. For example:

$temp = 'Hello';
<?php echo $temp?>

How would I write the above using haxe? The haxe site shows you how to produce PHP code, but it doesn't mention how to produce PHP with HTML.

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Haxe isn't a scripting language that can be called from within a html file in that way. You have to adapt a workflow where you prepare your html templates and your data as separate units and let the compiled application combine them according to your wishes.

Here's a quick example that should work in any Haxe server target language (php, neko, cpp). (Maybe also java and c# - not sure if the Template implementation is ready) :

package ;

import haxe.Template;
import neko.Lib;

class Main 
    static function main() 
        var data = { greeting: 'Hello' };       
        var template = new Template('<html><body>::greeting::</body></html>');      

        var output = template.execute(data);

There are a bunch of template engines for Haxe out there, for example the .NET Razor clone Erazor

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Thank you. Other than being a noob question, I do not know why I received the down votes. I wish those who down-voted left a message. That aside, I appreciate the help. – rexposadas Nov 27 '12 at 0:56
@rexposadas See here: – Anderson Green Mar 13 '13 at 3:31
@rexposadas I don't know either - I upvoted the question. It is a good to know when you are coming from PHP to Haxe that you need to use templates. – zehelvion May 11 '14 at 18:06

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